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Training app that corrects the trainer's movements by using AR to achieve a perfect practice.


More and more users are finding interest in fitness training along with a coach inside their screen, on time, and on place, 

at the level they choose.
They can indeed learn a lot about exercises but there is no monitoring of the accuracy of the exercises.
In this project,

I examined what could give users a solution for motion accuracy during the training.

Product Designer, Visual Designer  

Research, Interviews, User Experience, Visual Design, Photography



Lack of cardiac node for mistakes 

Lots of people have no close guidance from a certified trainer or practitioner.

Lack of information during training

Many fitness applications do not provide real-time feedback mechanisms.

Goal & Value

Provide as accurate feedback as possible to the user, raise his morale and give a sense of control.

Research insights

Get rid of more devices

It is important that the product does not require the use of additional products, this will make it easier to use.

Clear markings

Trainees need clear markings by which they will understand the accuracy of movement during practice.

Short demonstration

Trainers should be instructed on how to practice the exercise correctly before each exercise.

Summary and data

The concluding feedback on the trainee is presented daily, monthly, and yearly.

What really matters to trainers during their practice?


Dor Yukevich

Personal coach

It is hard to remember the trainer's progress. I believe a product that contains all the data about the trainer could be necessary for coaches.


Bar Babai

Practicing yoga

Sometimes when I practice I give up fast and do not give the best of myself each exercise. It is very difficult to practice without a human trainer who corrects you and also gives positive feedback.


Ohad Alon

Practicing martial arts


I wish my training app could be just like today's games. the characters behave like humans and they feel tangibles. 


Product for customers (B2C) that allow locating the user's movements using the cameras of smart devices. with the help of Augmented reality (AR) technology and image processing, the app detects the user's movements and corrects them.


I love to start with a low-fidelity sketch to understand what works before I move to Figma to create a more detailed and accurate prototype that can be tested.





Home page

The home page will drive to action. It will display various workouts for the trainers to choose from, the desired level, the start button, the recorded workout button, and information on recent exercises they have performed.


After the user chooses a workout, he/she will meet with the teacher who will demonstrate before each exercise how to perform the exercise correctly.

Pair training

During the training itself, the user and the teacher will appear on the screen. The user can watch himself by using the device's camera.

Real-time Feedback

The user will receive information about his movements with the help of indications that appeared on his torso.

Data and summary 

The overview screen provides summary information about user activity including accuracy, practice times, and recent activity.

Upload exercise feature

With this feature, the user will be able to get feedback on the accuracy of the movement by uploading a training video.

Mobile design

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